Syncfile structure
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The sync file is an ini file. The possible parameters in the sync file are given in the following example. You can create sync file with any editor.
The sync file consists of four sections: path, options, automatic and exclude.
The parameters left and right give the path names of the directories to compare. If one of the directories does not exist a dialog will be launched. Using the section [exclude] you can exclude subdirectories of the source or target directory from the sync process.

Example (copy the example to file temp.sync for testing purposes):

left=c:\temp                                           ; left side directory
right=d:\temp                                          ; right side directory
direction=updaterightbutton                 ; which side to update

onlynewerandmissing=1                ; flag whether only newer or missing files will be copied. Default =1
overwritenewer=0                     ; flag whether newer files should be overwritten. “onlynewerandmissing” must be 0 to enable this. Default = 0
deletemissing=0                      ; flag whether missing files should be deleted. “onlynewerandmissing” must be 0 to enable this. Default = 0
includesubdirectories=1              ; flag whether the subdirectories should be included in the synchronize process. Default =1

hidedialog=1                         ; flag wheter the dialog should be hidden or not. Default =1
autoclose=1                          ; flag whether the dialog should close automatically after finishing the synchronize process. Default =1
showballoon=1                        ; flag whether to show a balloon tooltip which directories will be synchronized.

count=2                              ; How many directories are in the list
1=dmexbar                            ; List of all directories to ignore. Directory paths are relative to the path directories given in the parameter left and right