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D M E X  T o o l s
copyright (c) 2009 by André Rübel

Have you ever used the Windows Explorer and thought that this or that functionality is missing? Well, I did. And do you prefer to use the Windows Explorer over other file manager since this is the common file manager in every windows version, but do not want to miss some functionality? Well. I do.

If you agree DMEX is definitely a program for you.

DMEX is a small utility that resides in the tray area and adds additional functionality to the windows explorer by the DMEX Toolmenu. It is the successor of the programs DMEXMenu from the 90ies and DMEXBar from the 00's. If you know one of these programs you know most of the functions. However, while these two were explorer addons, DMEXTools are standalone utilities communicating with the explorer that can be used independently.


André Rübel


Date of this help file:    June 2011

Language:                     English and German maintained by the author (sorry, but the help file is only available in English)
TRANSLATE DMEXBAR: DMEX can be translated to other languages. English and German are contributed by the author. If you wish to translate DMEX to another language just copy the file "Deutsch.lng" to "Your_language.lng" where Your_language stands for the name of your language e.g. Francais or Espagnol.
Then open the file in any text editor (e.g. notepad.exe) and replace the German translations which are on the right side of the English original texts (on the right side of the equal sign). Do not change the English part on the left side of the equal sign.
SHARE YOUR LANGUAGE: If you translated DMEX to your language you may want to share your translation. Send me a copy of your language file and I will add it to the setup.

Operating System:        Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
DMEX might also run on older versions of Windows.

Price:                             This software is free to use for anyone.

Download location:      DMEX is available at

Distribution note:      Please read carefully the Disclaimer.
You may pass the program to anyone else or even distribute the program on the internet, or on CD, as long as the following two restrictive conditions are fulfilled:
1.)      The whole package remains unchanged (including all files).
2.)      You are not allowed to take money for this program or to make any profit by distributing it.

Contact:                        via e-mail to
Any hellos, hints and bug reports welcome ;-)


DMEX adds a new icon to the tray area. Left clicking on the icon shows the DMEX Toolmenu that provides a wide range of features to extend the explorer. Among the features are the following:

·        Open two explorer windows being aligned side by side
·        Fast copying and moving of files between two aligned explorer windows by shortcuts
·        Synchronise files between two directories
·        Tile all open explorer windows on the screen
·        Rename, change date or change attributes of multiple selected files at once with wildcards.
·        Favorite directories and favorite programs
·        Create new subdirectories
·        Select files with wildcards
·        Copy path and filename information of the selected files to the clipboard
·        ... and some more
Most of the tools can also be used without the tool menu. For the beginning you should use the DMEX Tool menu. If you are more experienced you can learn other possibilities How to use DMEX.