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The DMEXRun tool provides the functionality of the Run... menu.
If you just use the menu interface you do not need to read further.

The DMEXRun tool is installed in the DMEXRun subdirectory of the DMEX installation directory.
The program functions are called through command line parameters. If you call the program without a command line parameter the Program configuration dialog is shown.
Otherwise you can pass an alphanumeric number as command line parameter.

Example: "dmexrun.exe 0"

The following numbers as command line parameters are valid and result in the given actions:

20:          Run the program given in the second command line parameter

The user defined paths in the "Run..." menu are stored in a the "Application Data" directory in the users data directory. For each program there exists a link with the commandline "dmexrun.exe 20 "path of user program"".
You should not edit these paths manually since they are overwritten each time the Program configuration dialog is shown.