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The DMEXFileoperations tool provides most of the the functionality of the File Operations menu.
If you just use the menu interface you do not need to read further.

The DMEXFileoperations tool is installed in the DMEXFileoperations subdirectory of the DMEX installation directory.
The program functions are called through command line parameters. You can pass an alphanumeric number as command line parameter.

Example: "dmexfileoperations.exe 0"

The following numbers as command line parameters are valid and result in the given actions:

0:         Create new directory
1:         Create new path
11:       Copy selected files
12:       Move selected files
15:       Clean directory
21:       Create versioned file
22:       Restore versioned file
23:       Select all with same extension
24:       Select all with same name
25:       Select files by mask
31:       Show directory sizes
32:       Show free disk space