DMEX Toolmenu
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The DMEX Tool menu can be accessed from the strawberry icongraphicin the tray notification area. You can also press the shortcut Ctrl-F1 to show the menu if the active window is an explorer window.

If you left click on the icon the tool menu is shown. Right clicking shows the configuration menu and allows to open the Configuration Dialog and a double click shows a dialog with the information of the currently assigned shortcuts.

The content of the tool menu is depending on the situation. The full tool menu looks like


and has the following structure:

graphicArrange Explorer Windows
graphicArrange two horizontal
graphic Arrange two vertical
graphic Arrange all horizontal
graphic Arrange all vertical
     Set position
graphic Maximize height
graphic Minimize
graphic Save positions
graphic Restore positions
graphic New window
graphic Close all

graphic File Operations
graphic Create new directory
     Create new path
     Synchronize directories
     Synchronize Wizard
graphic Copy selected files
graphic Move selected files
graphic Clean directory
graphic Rename files
     Create versioned files
     Restore versioned files
     Select all files with same name
     Select all files with same extension
graphic Select files by mask
graphic Show directory size
     Show free disk space

graphic Change to...
graphic Root directory
graphic Parent directory
graphic Drive
     Aligned Explorer directory
     Add current path
     Configure paths

graphic Run...
graphic Configure programs
graphic Clipboard
graphic Copy name
graphic Copy path
graphic Copy name and path
graphic Copy name (8.3)
graphic Copy path (8.3)
graphic Copy name and path (8.3)
graphic Collect
graphic Paste to file

The configuration menu looks like:


and includes the following items:

     Rebuild menu
     Recreates the menu to notify changes.
     Opens the Configuration Dialog
     Opens this help page