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Short description: This feature shows a menu with a list of favourite directories. Selecting one of the directories from the list will change to this directory as the currently shown explorer file list.
This helps you to quickly navigate to you favourite directories. These Favourites are further called "Hotpaths".
You can add directories to the menu or configure the menu.
The functionality of these functions is provided by the
DMEXChdir tool.

The menu shows a list of all your saved Hotpaths. A Hotpath is a directory, which you use often, like the “Favorites” in the Internet Explorer. The menu looks like:


Selecting one of the directories from the menu navigates the current Explorer window to the selected directory. User directories are located at the top of the list. Three predefined paths are shown on the menu:

Root directory

Changes to the root directory. If the current path is c:\windows\system32\, the root directory would be c:\

Parent directory

Changes to the parent directory. If the current path is c:\windows\system32\, the parent directory would be c:\windows


Shows a menu with all currently present drives. Selecting one will change to that drive.

Aligned explorer directory

Change to the same directory as shown in the aligned explorer (if any).

Add current path

To add additional Hotpaths to the menu, navigate to the directory, which you want to add (e.g. c:\windows) and then choose “Add current path” from the menu. The dialog is shown to define the position and title of the new path in the menu.

Configure paths

You can sort, add or delete the menu by choosing “Configure paths” showing the Path configuration dialog.


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